Let's Make A Big Book (ebook Gr: 1, 2)

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Let's Make A Big Book
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
Grades: K, 1
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Bookmaking Patterns and stories to begin authorship.

The ultimate goal of a creative writing program is to develop independent authorship.

The following bookmaking patterns and story frames may be used as a stepping stone towards working and writing independently.

Why Not?

  1. Photocopy the pages onto coloured bond paper for added effect. Construction paper can be used for front and back covers.
  2. Set up a Bookmaking Centre, equipped with bookmaking patterns, scissors, glue, construction paper, plain and lined paper and library pockets and cards (to set up your own class library).

List of Patterns

  • My Kitty
  • Where's Dasher?
  • I Like the Night
  • Up in a Rocket
  • Hats!
  • My Sheep Book
  • In My Mitten
  • My Magic Runners
  • Cats!
  • A Chicken Story

*patterns only, no story frame