Let's Go To The Olympics (ebook Gr: 4 to A)

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Let's Go To The Olympics
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
49 pages
Grades: 4 to Adult
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Go for the gold with this language arts extravaganza. Student interest will be at its highest as "Let's Go to the Olympics" investigates the fascinating world of the Olympic Games. Students study information about the OIympic Games as they read the newspaper articles and charts that are all included in this unit. Students practise using different reading, writing, research, and language arts skills as they complete the exciting activities in the "Let's Go to the Olympics" unit. Section One includes a series of lessons designed to provide students with interesting facts and and information about the Olympic Games and related activities. Section Two includes a number of optional lessons that teachers can use to supplement the main lessons of the unit. Section Three involves a major project that the students can complete during the unit or when they have finished the main lessons of the unit. Go for the Gold!


Section I contains ten structured lessons dealing with general aspects of  the Olympic Games. Students read a series of newspaper articles, reseach different sources, and use a number of different charts to complete the activities of these lessons.

  1. Ancient Olympics
  2. First Modern Olympic Games
  3. Olympic Sporting Events
  4. Discontinued Olympic Sporting Events
  5. Host Cities
  6. Olympic Symbols
  7. Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  8. Olympians
  9. Olympic Villages
  10. International Olympic Committee (IOC)


The optional activities provide teachers with flexibility in teaching the unit. They can replace activities in the main lessons, be used as review, or provide students with enrichment.

  1. Write A Letter / Email
  2. Create A Game
  3. Research
  4. Elect Class IOC President
  5. Olympic Website
  6. Write A Song or Poem
  7. Research Sporting Event
  8. Olympic Survey
  9. Sample Exam


The major project asks students to prepare a "bid" as if they were a city attempting to host the Olympics. The project can be completed by the students individually, with a partner, or in small groups. Different activities for completing the project are provided in order to individualize and take account the different learning styles of students.


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