Kids Love Canada-Symbols and Communities (ebook Gr: K to 3)

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Kids Love Canada - Symbols And Community
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
81 pages
Grades: K to 3
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Yes, children in early childhood can learn about Canada.

We each live in one of the thousands of communities in Canada, all having similarities and differences. Through story, chants, and hands on activities, students will discover the geographical vastness of Canada and the diversity of its people.

Discover Canadian artist, "Tartan" Ted Godwin. Enjoy implementing the tartan-art activity by Monique Martin. While discovering their creativity, your students will learn about the symbolism behind the tartan and that the provinces and territories each have an official tartan.

Students will discover the maple leaf and the beaver as significant symbols of our country. The chants "Wear a Maple Leaf" and "Think of Canada" pay tribute.

The stories and activities are easy to assemble and the chants are designed for young readers to enjoy. Integrate this resource into your theme studies of communities and families. Introduce or affirm our Canadian identity with "Kids Love Canada: Symbols and Communities."

Kids Love Canada

Each of the four units provides supplemental resources for themes like communities, animals, legends and folktales, families, trees, and more.

Kids Love Canada has:

  • stories and poems about Canada, like In the Boreal Forest, Children in Canada's Communities, and more.
  • rebus poems about the provinces and territories in Ten Provinces, Three Territories, and Wee Bits of Their Stories.
  • a Canadian Vacation board game
  • Martha and the Northern Lights and The Canada Day Parade, storyboard stories.
  • artist studies of Canadian artists like Ted Godwin, and art lesson plans for each artist.
  • big book patterns for In Canada's Boreal Forest.
  • much, much more.

Students will learn about Canada and reinforce skills like reading, math, and critical and creative thinking. Students will learn about Canada from material designed at a level they can understand.

Kids Love Canada is a totally Canadian classroom resource.


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Kids Love Canada - Symbols and Communities
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