Kids Love Canada - In Autumn (ebook Gr: K to 3)

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Kids Love Canada - In Autumn
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
72 pages
Grades: K to 3
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Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • I Love My School - Poetry
  • What Is Canada All About? - Poetry
    • Creative Writing Activity
    • Hands On Activity
    • Word Search
  • Canada Songs
  • The Four Seasons in Canada - Rebus Story
  • In Canada's Boreal Forest - Interactive Big Book
  • Timid Little Deer Mouse - Storytelling
  • Animal Poetry
  • What If Zebras Lived in Canada? - Creative Writing
  • Story Based Activities for Jen and the Great One by Peter Eyvindson
  • I Nest in a Tree - Big Book Activity

Kids Love Canada

Each of the four units provides supplemental resources for themes like communities, animals, legends and folktales, families, trees, and more.

Kids Love Canada has:

  • stories and poems about Canada, like In the Boreal Forest, Children in Canada's Communities, and more.
  • rebus poems about the provinces and territories in Ten Provinces, Three Territories, and Wee Bits of Their Stories.
  • a Canadian Vacation board game
  • Martha and the Northern Lights and The Canada Day Parade, storyboard stories.
  • artist studies of Canadian artists like Ted Godwin, and art lesson plans for each artist.
  • big book patterns for In Canada's Boreal Forest.
  • much, much more.

Students will learn about Canada and reinforce skills like reading, math, and critical and creative thinking. Students will learn about Canada from material designed at a level they can understand.

Kids Love Canada is a totally Canadian classroom resource.


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Kids Love Canada in Autumn
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