Jigsaw Reading and Writing Activities (Gr: 9 to A)

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  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by John Sivell & Lily Yang
  • ISBN 1895451-10-8
  • 150 Pages
  • Intermediate to Advanced High School to Adult
  • Available as an eBook:YES

    These reproducible ESL materials emphasize academic reading, writing and discussion skills. The target audience for these materials is adult or young-adultĀ ESL students in high school, college, or college/university entrance courses. ThisĀ ESL textbook has been designed to give students the chance to think, talk and write about real life topics.

    The book is structured in three units, each individual unit has four jigsaw parts, which are used first for reading and discussion and then, when they are thoroughly familiar to students, as examples for analysis and imitation in the process of improving writing skills. The book concentrates on teaching esl students realistic writing, not just exercises. There are drills and practice on specific language points, but only in preparation for much freer writing activities. The main thing is the students in your ESL class to develop their own arguments about subjects that matter.

    Jigsaw Reading and Writing Activities includes extensive Teachers' Notes on how to exploit the materials.