Illustrated American Crossword Puzzles (ebook Gr: 5 to A)

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  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by John F. Chabot
  • ISBN 1895451-46-9
  • 150 Pages
  • Intermediate to Advanced Grade 5 to Adult

    Illustrated American Crossword Puzzles is a reproducible book of crossword puzzles about the United States. It is intended to be used for teaching ESL students. This ESL textbook is divided into ten thematic units. Topics for the units are state names (2 units), state capitals (2 units), presidents (2 units), symbols, landmarks, events, and famous people. Each unit has 9 puzzles. The students are first given a sentence with the vocabulary word in it. These same sentences, with the vocabulary word removed and replaced by a blank, become the clues in the crossword puzzles. After studying the written clues a visual clue is introduced. In other words, there is an illustration for each clue. The illustrations are repeated as clues on the puzzle pages, as well. There is a complete Answer Key for this ESL book.

    Illustrated American Crossword Puzzles is a great complement to any related history, geography, or culture program. Illustrated American Crossword Puzzles can also be used on its own. ESL students love crossword puzzles. Can you think of a better way for your ESL class to learn the names of the fifty states? The names of the 43 presidents? 50 state capitals? And 25 famous people, events, landmarks and symbols?