Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and... (ebook Gr: K to 3)

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Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and Banana Splits
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
69 pages
Grades: K to 3
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"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream". Make a big book, take a survey, recite chants ... all about ice cream!

Some Patterns Included:

  1. Songs
  2. The Ice Cream Man by Rachel Field
  3. Bookmaking Pattern
  4. Big Book, Do You Love Ice Cream?
  5. Big Book, Ice Cream Cones are Yummy
  6. Flannelboard, Carl and the 5 Scoop Ice Cream Cone
  7. Flannelboard, Joey's Restaurant
  8. Hands on Activities
  9. Rebus Chants
  10. More Ice Cream Ideas


Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and Banana Splits