History of Rock and Roll (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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History Of Rock And Roll
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
38 pages
Grades: 6 to Adult
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In this unit, students trace the development of Rock n' Roll, from African Tribal music through to the modern music styles of today. Due to the academic nature of the material, this unit can be taught with a great deal of structure, much like a social studies history unit. This makes it an excellent way to begin the year .


  1. Blues Song- Students write words for their own blues song, trying to capture a sad, low-down feeling.
  2. Cover Music Comparison - Students, in pairs are to select an original song and its crossover version and present these songs to the class.
  3. Music Styles Crossword Puzzle - Students develop an understanding of the different styles of Rock Music.
  4. Music Styles Poster - In a group of two or three students, choose a particular music style and make a poster or banner that: (1) has visual appeal and (2) reflects a style of music.
  5. Rock n' Roll Newspaper - Individually, students write and illustrate a newspaper that covers both sides of a 24" by 36" piece of paper (Articles should use Rock n' Roll personalties whenever possible). Things to include may be - editorials, comics, horoscopes, sports and gossip. Creativity and humour should be encouraged.
  6. Exam - Sample exam is provided.


Rock 'n Roll