From Sea to Sea to Sea: guide to Canada (Gr: 6 to A)

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From Sea to Sea To Sea: A Beginner's Guide To Canada
Publisher: Full Blast Productions
David DeRocco and John F. Chabot
Grades: 6 to Adult

From Sea to Sea to Sea is a reproducible ESL/EFL/LITERACY reading-and-discussion text. Each unit examines a topic that is important to know, if someone’s desire is to learn about Canada or their desire is to become a Canadian citizen.  It can be used either as classroom material or as self-study material for low-intermediate to intermediate students. It offers a number of important design features to make both teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable.

   One of the primary aims of From Sea to Sea to Sea is to promote a problem-solving approach to language learning. On their first encounter with the reading passages, students should be encouraged to work out the solutions to the exercises with limited teacher guidance.

   "A Mari usque ad Mare" or "From sea to sea," has been Canada's official motto since 1921. It is taken from the Old Testament of the Bible, Psalm 72, Verse 8: "He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth." In 2006, there was a movement led by premiers of Canada's three northern territories calling for the motto to be changed.  They asked for the motto to be changed to better reflect the fact that Canada has three coastlines: the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Suggestions for a new motto include “A Mari ad Mare ad Mare” (from sea to sea to sea) and “A Mari usque ad Maria” (from the sea to the other seas). To date attempts to get the motto changed have been unsuccessful.