Flip Style Big Books (ebook Gr: K, 1)

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Flip Style Big Books
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
40 pages
Grades: K, 1
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Patterns and text to make 3 flip-style classroom Big Books

  1. Bingo- an old favourite, where letters are eliminated, lending to audience participation.
  2. Ten in a Bed - watch the bears fall out of bed!
  3. A Hungry Bear- count what he eats during the days of the week.

Big Books - Flip-Style by Vera Trembach

Children enjoy reading and handling these "Big Book" flip books!

They are fun and easy to make!

All bristol sizes are approx. 21 X 28" for a full sheet. 4 ply bristol is used to give your books more sturdiness. Neon colours should be avoided since the colour distracts from the illustrations and text.

Cut down on your colouring (of the illustrations) by photocopying onto colored bond paper. "Ten in a Bed" looks good on yellow and the dogs in "Bingo" can be photocopied onto brown construction paper.

Laminate all your pages. Children love to touch and hold!

Enjoy reading , Bingo, Ten in a Bed, and A Hungry Bear.