Dinosaur Games (ebook Gr: K to 2)

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Dinosaurs Game Book
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
31 pages
Grades: K to 2
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Dinosaur games for math and language arts will add to your games learning centre!

Dinosaur games are easy to make and fit into file folders or envelopes, making them convenient to store.

Photocopy all the pattern pieces onto colourful bond paper. Add a bit of colour with markers, and your games are bright and attractive.

Laminate all the game parts to give your games a longer life in the classroom.

Most importantly, this hands on method of reinforcing skills, saves on paper. Cut back your photocopy budget and use your paper for the children's creative work.

The Games:

  1. Dinosaur Bones Found in the Mountains
  2. Words That Tell
  3. A Little Book About Big Dinosaurs
  4. Do you know dinosaurs?
  5. Dinosaur Labels
  6. Megalosaurus, Triceratops
  7. Volcanoes are erupting
  8. Barney Bones
  9. Dinosaur Trivia Game