Confederation: The Building Of A Nation (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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Confederation: The Building of a Nation
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
77 pages
Grades: 7 to Adult
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The Confederation of Canada was a series of events which brought our great country into being. The process officially began on July 1, 1867, when the first four colonies joined together to create the Dominion of Canada, and the process continues to this day. This unit traces the development of Canada, province by province, from its birth in the mid 1800's to its present form. Ten lessons are included - lessons which examine the additions of each province and territory, as well as a variety of supplementary topics important to the creation of Canada.


  1. Life in British North America
  2. Reasons for Confederation
  3. Steps to Confederation
  4. The Fathers of Confederation
  5. The Iron Road
  6. Differing Opinions About Confederation
  7. And Manitoba Makes Five
  8. From Sea To Sea
  9. Better Late Than Never (Newfoundland Joins Confederation)
  10. Modern Issues


  • Student Objectives, Expectations and Activities
  • Suggested Teaching Strategies
  • Informational Worksheets and Follow-Up Activities
  • Research Activities
  • Art / Creative Writing Activites
  • Enrichment / Optional Activites

A number of resources relevant to the topic of Confederation such as historical novels and writings from the 1800's, have been included in the Enrichment / Optional section.