Colours (ebook Gr: K, 1)

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Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
91 pages
Grades K to 1
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An exciting study of the primary and secondary colours!

Contents Include:

  1. Literature Enrichment Activities
    • Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
    • Color Dance by Ann Jonas
    • Colours by Vera Trembach
    • The Color Wheel by Peter Robinson
    • The Little Red House by Norma Jean Sawicki
    • The Colour Wizard by Barbara Brenner
  2. List of more colour stories
  3. Task Cards
  4. Journal Word Cards
  5. Language Arts/ Colouring Activity
  6. Bulletin Board Patterns and Ideas
  7. Clip Art
  8. Hands On
  9. Creative Writing Pages
  10. Colour Contracts
  11. Colour of the Day Bulletin
  12. Certificates