Canadian Urban And Rural Communities (ebook Gr: 2 to 4)

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Canadian Urban and Rural Communities
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
109 pages
Grades: 2 to 4
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This five-part unit focuses on different communities throughout Canada, as children learn about the similarities between urban and rural communities. The first section contains a set of lesson plans for the teacher. Details are provided for the activities that the children participate in during each lesson. The second section provides a student booklet in which children record thier findings and research. The third section includes activities that are used during the lessons of the unit, while the fourth section includes  a jot note outline, a report outline, and a bibliography outline that the children need to complete the research activities. The final section contains a crossword puzzle and a word search puzzle that reinforce vocabulary.

Throughout the unit children learn about

  •  the difference between a need and a want
  • the difference between a good and a service
  • characteristics of a rural community
  • similarities and differences between rural and urban communities
  • what makes up a community
  • how communities need each other to survive
  • different communities and the different goods and services they produce
  • the advantages and disadvantages of getting goods and services from other communities
  • writing jot notes into paragraphs
  • writing reports
  • comparing communities and summarizing information