Cada Fotografia Nos Cuenta Una Historia (Gr: 5 to A)

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Cada Fotografía Nos Cuenta Una Historia
Publisher: Full Blast Productions
ISBN 1-895451-54-X       
Photos by Bruce Lyne, Activities bt Gloria Correa
155 pages
Beginner to Advanced   Grades 5 to Adult

Cada Fotografía Nos Cuenta Una Historia consists of 75 reproducible black and white photographs. Different people from several cultural backgrounds are featured. The scenes in the photographs range from the everyday to the humorous and the dramatic. Cada Fotografía Nos Cuenta Una Historia makes for lively conversation...each photo comes with an activities page to guarantee success. Besides the 5Ws and other questions, suggestions are given to prompt students to use their imaginations or to get them to discuss wider world issues presented in or related to the photos.

Text in Spanish.