Business English Tests (ebook Gr: 9 to A)

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Business English Tests
Publisher: English-test
Grades: 9 to Adult
eBook Price: $6.90

In a few minutes you'll be able to start practicing and testing your business English skills in both an effective and pleasant way. You will experience a new and exciting method of increasing your word power and refining your grammar. With this product you will be able to delve into the depths of business English and explore its diversity and richness. If you use your Business English Test Collection the right way, you will become wiser, wealthier and consequently, more "business-savvy". So read on and enjoy the ride!

Here is the Million Dollar Question: "How can I improve my business English as fast as possible?" And you will be surprised to find just how simple the answer really is. Learning business English fast is simple but it certainly isn't easy. There is one single word that describes the secret to improving your business English: HABITS. Yes, you've heard that right. If you want to learn English, you have to establish "business English language habits". In a few moments you will get access to a tool that helps you develop the habits you need to improve your business English constantly. Every day of every week.

With your new Business English Test Collection you will be able to assess your knowledge of business English phrases, idioms, expressions and grammar structures over and over again. Once you have identified your weak spots, you can then concentrate on those areas and become more confident in using business English every day. Forget about cramming grammar rules or vocabulary words into your head. Instead, you will be absorbing bits and pieces of business English almost without realizing it. Harness the power of your subconscious mind!

This product is the only printable Business English Test Collection currently available on the Internet. It contains 501 business English exercises (10 questions per test plus answer keys) covering a wide variety of topics and grammatical points. But unlike the traditional business English text books, your Business English Test Collection provides you with a system that constantly monitors your learning progress and improves your business English language skills. You will find it fun taking these unique multiple choice tests because with every question you answer correctly your business English improves. Some of the test questions you will find easy while others might contain new phrases and expressions. If you take at least one test per day, you will soon notice just how your English gets better. Each test comes with an answer key and your brain will automatically store the correct choice. You won't have to read through difficult grammar explanations or do boring vocabulary exercises.

Here are the main features of your new product and your benefits:
  • It's in a printable format (A4)
    You can print any of the pages and take them with you or show them to your friends and co-workers. Each page comes in the A4 standard format so you can easily copy and file them in a folder.
  • Robust and universal file format
    PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most popular and reliable document format worldwide. You can read, print and store PDF documents on your computer, laptop or PDA with a program that is available for free.
  • Photocopiable
    You have the permission to make photocopies of the document or parts of the document to use it as handouts/worksheets in classrooms or training courses.
  • Neatly formatted and clearly structured
    You can quickly navigate through the entire document by using the index page. Every page has a number and you can jump from one page to another by clicking on the forward or back button in your PDF reading program.
  • Learning business English anywhere
    You can practice and test your business English skills wherever you want (in the tram, in the doctor's waiting room, in a restaurant, at your friend's home, or wherever.) You can choose where and when you want to test and improve your business English. Simply print off some tests you find interesting and take them with you on your trip.
  • Search function
    You can quickly find specific phrases and expressions by using the "search function" of your Business English Tests. Simply type in the keywords you are looking for and hit the "search" button. The search results will show up within seconds.
  • 5010(!) unique test questions
    You can create your own long term learning program and take several tests every day. That way you establish and maintain the habits you need to succeed in improving your business English constantly.
  • Every test question comes with an answer key
    The key shows you which answer is correct and you will easily memorize these new business English phrases and expressions. If you take a test several times, your result will get better with every try until you get all the answers right. This way your subconscious mind memorizes new grammar patterns and vocabulary automatically. You don't have to learn any grammar rules!
  • Three test levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
    You can start with the level you are most comfortable with and then move on to the next stage. See how fast you are making progress and get excited by your success!
  • Several topics are covered
    Business English: office matters, job applications, computer English, money expressions, business law, operations management, retail marketing, e-commerce, accounting terms, contracts and agreements, commercial correspondence, etc. You will be exposed to a wealth of authentic sample sentences that include a great variety of themes. You have several options for selecting the topic you want to work on — you can either use the index page or the search function of your document.