Big Books for Little Tots (ebook Gr: PK to 1)

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Big Books For Little Tots
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
95 pages
Grades: PK to 1
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Big Books for Little Tots includes patterns and text to make 3 big books for emerging readers. If you don't have the time to assemble the stories, ask a parent volunteer or an older student to help you.

The stories can be read independently or integrated with a theme study. Their friendly and lively style and easy and repetitive language will encourage your emerging readers to read and reread.

1. Big Bear's Balloons reinforces colour recognition and counting skills. Students will also be able to recognize the sequence of events that leads to Bing's predicament. Read the story before assembling to make sure that you colour the balloons the right colours.

2. Dana Banana is a story about nutrition and one girl's love for bananas. The story can be made into a big book or a flannel story, whichever you prefer. Students will reinforce their knowledge of the days of the week and colour skills. When reading or telling the story, pronounce Dana to rhyme with banana.

3. Twelve Hats for Tina tells about Tina and her love of hats. The story can be made into a hat shaped big book. Students will reinforce their knowledge of the months of the year and the seasonal holidays and occasions.

Besides the story patterns, extended learning activities are included such as rebus chants, hands on activities for the learning centre and activity pages.

I hope you enjoy Big Books for Little Tots!