Best On The Box - Christmas Concert (ebook Gr: K to 8)

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Best On The Box
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
95 pages
Grades: K to 8
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Best On The Box is a theme based, complete Christmas concert. It has been designed to include every studing in the school, while dividing the work load equally among the staff through the component system.

Each staff member should become familiar with the story and the component that they wish their class to perform. Each component is a unit in itself and can be rehearsed as a seperate classroom unit, thus greatly reducing the time need to prepare this production. Each component includes a description of characters, props, costumes and stage directions. Those staff members who do not have a regular class of students, such as the librarian or the teachers assistants, might wish to the Director and or be responsible for rehearsing the main characters of the choir.

The component feature allows teachers to add or delete items to suit their particular school size. To include more classrooms, creative teachers may wish to make up or adapt other acts to fit the theme. Other possibilites might include any popular T.V. shows such as situation comedies, game shows, sports commentaries, interview / talk shows, and Walt Disney. Current T.V. shows are best. Almost any concert item can be inserted by writing a few introductory and concluding lines for Santa Claus plus inserting a song for the choir which provides time for each act to get on and off stage. If your school does not wish to follow the theme, and individual component may be used in a variety concert by excluding Santa Claus' part.


Santa Claus has come down with a cold one week before Christmas. His doctor has advised that if he takes some medicine he could be better in seven days and if he doesn't he will be better in a longer time. The doctor recommends that Santa should rest up - curl up in his easy chair and watch a little T.V. Santa takes him at his word and watches the BEST ON THE BOX which includes a variety of T.V. shows (The Components), commercials, and school choir fill-ins. Santa's day of watching T.V. Christmas Specials culminates in Charlie Brown's Christmas which reveals the true meaning of Christmas - The Nativity Scene.