Bears and Pandas (ebook Gr: 1 to 3)

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Bears and Pandas
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
104 Pages
Grades: 1 to 3
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The theme of bears and pandas can last a couple of months in the classroom. It is a theme that is well provided with resources. There are endless storybooks written with bears/pandas that can be used in your whole language program.

Integrate Your Theme Study

You need not be an expert on bears or pandas. With a large selection of resource material available, you can research any questions. For Social Studies hang a world map. Plot the locations of different kinds of bears or pandas. Use the patterns in this package for map markers. For Drama, act out the play, "The Three Bears". Have a teddy bear picnic with peanut butter sandwiches, and of course, the Teddy Bears. For Oral Language, recite simple bear chants in the morning

BearsThis resource package includes:

  1. Hands on instructions
  2. Task cards
  3. Tracking sheets
  4. Hands on patterns
  5. Book making
  6. Stuffed teddy
  7. Mask, paws and tracks
  8. Locker name tags

All of your bear topics can be integrated into your various subject areas. These are only a few ideas.