Arachnids (ebook Gr: 1, 2)

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Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
56 pages
Grades: 1, 2
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Centre based resource with task cards for independent learning.

Table of Contents:

  • Arachnid Objectives
  • Spider Task Cards, How to Set Up
  • Information Cards, How to Set Up
  • Other Resources
  • Suggested Novel Study
  • Implementing Arachnids
  • Bookmaking Instructions
  • Hands On Instructions
  • Letter to Parents
  • Spider Contract Sheet
  • Spider Vocabulary Sheet
  • Spider Task Cards and File Folder Activities
  • Information Cards
  • Bookmaking Patterns
  • Hands On Patterns
  • Arachnid-teer Certificate
  • Arachnid-teer Head Gear
  • Spider Clip Art

Arachnid Objectives:

  1. To identify body parts and special features of a spider's body.
  2. How a spider is different from an insect.
  3. To identify several different kinds of spiders.
  4. To learn about egg sacs.
  5. To learn about different homes and their locations.
  6. To learn what spiders eat, how they eat and how they catch their prey.
  7. To learn what animals eat spiders.
  8. To learn how the spider got its name.
  9. To understand spider misconceptions.