Amazing Artists (ebook Gr: 6 to A)

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Amazing Artists
Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing
68 pages
Grades 6 to Adult
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Did you know that besides painting the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci really loved to party? Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh mutilated his own ear because he didn't take criticism well? The interesting and intriguing world of Art and some of its most famous artists, comes alive in this highly motivating unit. Part I - Core Lessons focuses on five of the most famous artists of all time: Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso and Jackson Pollock in a structured, information-based section. Each lesson has a detailed biography, related activities and accompanying student notes in Part II. Part III - Optional Lesson helps to build flexibility into the unit and keep and student interest at its peak with possible homework or enrichment activities. This unit is sure to motivate and "wow" students - a must in any middle years art class.


Each core lesson is designed with the following elements: objectives, relevant vocabulary, materials, list of works of art by featured artist, biography of featured artist, and activities based upon the featured artists's themes.

  1. Introduction - Famous Signature, Amazing Artists Wordsearch
  2. Art Vocabulary - Art Vocabulary Survivor
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci (Renaissance Period) - Keeping Things In Perspective
  4. Rembrandt (Baroque Period) I Want To Draw Me!
  5. Vincent Van Gogh (Impressionism) - Imagery Activity
  6. Picasso (Cubism) - Concert Poster
  7. Jackson Pollock (Abstract Expressionism Period) - Abstract Scmabstract
  8. Review - Amazing Artists Crossword
  9. Exam


Students write down notes from overhead transparencies. These notes provide the information base for the unit and give students materials from which to study.


This collection of activities is excellent for homework or enrichment.

  1. Artist of the Month
  2. Other Famous Artists Report
  3. The Start of Art - Cave Art
  4. Bibiography of Og By Thog
  5. Renaissance Fresco Painting
  6. Hey Leonardo, How Big Is Your Nose
  7. Every Day Objects Collage / Sculpture
  8. Student Prepared Exam
  9. Famous Artists Wordsearch
  10. Artist In The Class
  11. Internet Sites


The library is a great resource for locating pictures of the painting in this unit. Also, the Internet has many great websites. Simply search under the artist's name to find suitable websites. These websites often times include pictures of painting as well. Try to expose students to as many different artists, styles, and periods as possible.