A Little Bit of Everything (ebook Gr: 7 to A)

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A Little Bit of Everything

Fran Marshall

24 pages

Multilevel Grades 7 to Adult

eBook Price: $8.95


The last half hour of your ESL session can be a ‘Grand Finale’ when you use a multilevel worksheet from the teacher manual, ‘A Little Bit of Everything’. The exercises encourage self-direction, accountability and responsibility for learning. The effectiveness of the acquired competencies is demonstrated in practical ways: improved question and answer formation; correct use of verb tenses and vocabulary; completion of open-ended sentences; ability to discuss and explain; correct errors in sentence order, spelling and punctuation; understand phrasal verbs and idioms. Geography, general knowledge and simple math questions add interest to the worksheets. The pages can be used in part or whole, depending on the skill level and time allotment.

You and your class will discover where increased competency is needed. Learners will see tangible evidences of achievement.

Some worksheets appear quite simple, while others present more challenge. However, in my field-testing, I found that classes of varying levels needed practice with many of the easier exercises.

Documented comments from teachers:

‘My class loved to see evidence of their competency. They were motivated to continue striving for fluency.’

‘I thought the worksheets were too simple until used them. I soon became aware of areas where my students needed reinforcement.’

‘I thought the worksheets were too difficult until I tested a few of them. My class loved the challenge of trying to do a part of one each day.

‘If my students didn’t have time to finish the worksheets, they wanted to do them at home. They had never asked for homework before!’

‘I heard that you had written a much larger book on opening and ending activities. If this is true, please send it to me with an invoice.’