About Full Blast Productions

             John Chabot

Full Blast Productions began when John Chabot was doing a Bachelor of Education at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  John was expected to do something "innovative in the field of language teaching" for his thesis course.  He decided to make a video for teaching idioms.  A sample lesson was taped and some exercises were written to go along with the video.  The teachers that field-tested John's materials clamored for more. 

Full Blast Productions was born.  Full Blast's first product was Vidioms: Activating Idioms for ESL. CLICK TO SEE VIDIOMS

John chose the name Full Blast for two reasons:  1) "Full blast" is an idiom and the company was born with a product for teaching idioms.  2) As a teenager, John loved to listen to music, especially to loud rock music. He liked to listen to his stereo with the sound turned up full blast.

Recently Full Blast Productions has decided to expand its operations to include not only publishing quality language teaching materials, but distributing them as well. If you are a publisher or author with quality language teaching materials that you sell now or are willing to sell as digital downloads (ebooks) and you would like to increase your distribution network, we'd love to hear from you.

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